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LIFE STYLE7 hours ago

Daily Horoscope:23/04/2018

Aries:Today will be an industrious day. The stars foretell that you may visit a historical place, or perhaps a museum....

Featured7 hours ago

sometimes rapes cant be stopped., sensational comments by union minister gangwar going viral..!!

The BJP leaders’ comments are being controversial if the nation condemns the ongoing violence against women and children. Recently the...

Featured8 hours ago

Bad news for Whats app “Admins”., Another feature into instant App..!!

The popular instant messaging app ‘Whats app’ brought another feature for its customers. Added this new feature titled ‘Dismiss as...

Featured8 hours ago

Union Cabinet approved for tackling Economic criminals..Get into link for more details..!!

Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and Mehul Choxi, who made grater scam by foreign investors, government is going to take steps...

Featured8 hours ago

Excessive cash flow in karnataka., While Telugu states are facing cash crunch..!!

After currency change in country people faced many cash problems and got settled finally and now cash crunch is suffering...

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This childish act killed Seven..What happened? and how?? get into story..!!

For 55-year-old Om Prakash Rastogi, it was meant to be one of the happiest days of his life. along with...

CRIME10 hours ago

Delhi sensational judgement in case of child kidnap and rape ..Story to go through..!!

according to muslim law a child below 14 years cant be married and if so is does then it is...

Featured10 hours ago

Guwahati To London: Father son duo 17,000KMs journey to promote “World Peace”..!!

Hyderabad resident GV Prasad and his son Rakshit decided to travel 17,000Kms from Guwahati to london by bikes just to...

Featured11 hours ago

A Bit of this is enough to make life meaningful..This Businessman is real hero..Details inside..!!

Many people call Sarabjeet Singh ‘Bobby Vela’.Sarabjeet had to drop out of school in the 5th standard due to financial...

Featured11 hours ago

Breaking news: Death penalty to child rapists., Union Cabinet clears ordinance..!!

The ordinance comes in the wake of outrage over the brutal rape and murder of a minor in Kathua, Jammu...