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Everyone at Apple Park got standing desks on orders of CEO Tim Cook.Here’s why??

From now each and every one has to work at apple Park. Wonder why? There is a serious reason behind...

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Trolls pages targeting Mandana Karimi for beach photo.!

Trolls pages are found in social media here and there.Many pages targeting celebrities making them even more familiar and this...

CRIME3 days ago

‘Mullah Radio’, who shot malala was killed in US drone strike.!

Pakistan Taliban leader Fazlullah, the man believed to have shot Malala Yousafzai, was targeted by a US drone strike and...

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Woman And Daughter Gang-Raped by around 20 men tying husband to tree.!

This incident took place in bihar after the massive outrage about gang rapes on women many are being done with...

Uncategorized3 days ago

Daily Horoscope:16/06/2018

Aries :You have to take care of your health, and at last you realise the importance of diet and exercise....

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Umesh yadav finally joins Elite List Of Indian Fast Bowlers To Take 100 Test Wickets.

Indian fast bowler Umesh Yadav was the wicket keeper in the Test. Umesh Yadav took the 100th Test wicket by...

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Whats app Finally Opens Up Upi-Based Payments Services.!

Good news to Whats app customers.Last year’s payout option, which was only available to some of the beta stage, made...

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Couple fight over Facebook Addiction lead way to hang themselves.!

This is evidence of slavery to social media that can lead to death The incident happened in Bangalore. Anup (28)...

Featured3 days ago

Doctor breaks his ramdan fasting to save Patients Life.!

A doctor has demonstrated that humanity is more important then religion.He was fasting on the occasion of Ramzan.he braked his...

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Rumours about senior politician death going viral..!!

Rumours of the death of former Prime Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party scenior leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee were being circulated...