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Asia’s biggest and longest project aimed at “Ratanalaseema”



HYDERABAD, April 3: There are many lift irrigation projects in the world, but, the Handri Neeva Sujala Sravanthi (HNSS) project has unique features among all. This lift irrigation project is having the highest number of pump houses and motors in the world. 43 pump houses built in the first and second phases of the project. By establishing a total of 269 units (motor and pump is one unit) MEIL has created a world-class project.

HNSS is Asia’s biggest and longest lift irrigation project. Though Kaleshwaram, Devadula, Kalwakurthy, Palamuru-Rangareddy projects are bigger projects, as they are still under execution level HNSS has recognised as Asia’s biggest lift irrigation project. The California state in the USA is having the world’s biggest project was built 80 years ago. This project lifts water to the highest level of terrains for drinking and irrigation purposes. Once the Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project completes all these records will be erased out. As per the number of motors, pumps, pump houses and length, HNSS is the Unique among all. MEIL’s electro-mechanical works had brought this uniqueness to the project.

Handri-Neeva project was proposed 30 years ago with the ambition to supply drinking and irrigation water to the four Rayalaseema districts. While the river Handri flows in Kurnool district and Neeva flows in Chittoor district. Interlinking these two rivers by digging hills and high terrains by setting up a pump house at Malyala in Kurnool district. When This project was taken up in 2006, there are many questions and critics arisen about the availability of water and financial resources. Many pessimists raised questions regarding establishing and maintenance of pumps and motors. When companies like IDC and RIC are unable to maintain the smaller lift irrigation projects, people expressed doubts about HNSS Project viability.

MEIL successfully executed the first phase of HNSS and maintaining and pumping the water for the last eight years without any issues or hindrances. MEIL proved that, whether it is Colorado or Rayalaseema, the lift irrigation projects can be implemented successfully. In the first phase of the project, 12 pump houses with 129 units (motors and pumps) are successfully running for the last 8 years.

As part of the second phase, water pumping is going on in 565-kilometre length main canal through Madakashira and Punganoor branch canal. This main canal spread across Ananthapur, Kadapa, Chittoor districts. The water pumping into the main canal began in this season. 140 units in 31 pumping stations are ready to operate. As per the limitations of first year of operation currently operating only 43 units. With these units,  As of now, 160 tmc of water lifted from Malayala in Kurnool district to the endpoint in Chittoor district. This water lifted with the help of 43 pump houses. As two phases of the project are working now, it has become one of the world’s biggest and longest unique project. Even in the USA and China lift irrigation projects does not have this number of pump houses. Even the world’s recognised California state water project too does not have this number of pump houses. Colorado state water project has only 6 to 11 pumping stations. The motors capacity in the Colorado project works with the horsepower of electricity. In Handri-Neeva pump houses works with megawatts of power. With the capacity of the unit taken into consideration, HNSS pump houses are established with the highest capacity.

Even in India, particularly in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, there are many lift irrigation projects were built. But, in completed irrigations projects, no lift irrigation project does not these many pumping stations. Under construction projects like Devadula project having 20 pump houses, Kalwakurthy 15, Rajivbheema 20, Seetharama 19, Gandikota project is having 14 pump houses. Once the Kaleshwaram project completes the 82 pump houses will come into the utilisation.

MEIL has the honour to create this world’s uniquely biggest and longest project. Nowhere in the world, the most number of pump houses and units built in this project. The construction first phase completed in 2012 with 12 pump houses. These pump house inaugurated by the Government. These 12 pump houses pumped the water to an average height of 200 meters. Under second phase water pumped to Ananthapur, Kadapa, Chittoor districts from Jeedipally reservoir for drinking and irrigation purposes. This Second phase inaugurated in this year by the State Government. Under the HNSS project, 40 tmc of water can be lifted to supply water to 6.25 lakh acres of agricultural lands and drinking water to 35 lakhs people in 437 villages of 81 mandals. The project was taken up prestigiously in 2006 by then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

Under the HNSS second phase, MEIL completed the construction works to supply irrigation water from Jeedipally reservoir to Madakashira branch canal to supply water to 4,04,500 acres. 19 pump houses built to supply water to 74,400 acres in Penugonda, Hindupur, Madakashira constituencies through this canal.

Water will be pumped to 18 pump houses across the 155.2-kilometre branch canal from Jeedipally pump house. On the Madakashira branch canal, MEIL established 81 pumps in L1 to L17 and L4A pump houses. MEIL also built 132/6.6KV power substation at Jeedipally pump house. 33/6.6 KV sub-stations were built at the remaining pump house by MEIL.

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MEIL’s Worlds Biggest Pumphouse Inaugurated



HYDERABAD, May 21: While Kaleshwaram Project has gainedrecognition as a great and biggest lift irrigation scheme in the entire world,one component of that mega project Medigadda has its own distinction. It isthe first Pumping Station in a chain of total 20 pumping stations of thismega lift irrigation project. With trail run of pumps and motors and lifting ofwater at Medigadda on Friday, Megha Engineering Infrastructure Limited(MEIL) has surpassed its own record.Prestigious Kaleshwaram LIS inaugurated by Telangana CM K. ChandraSekhar Rao and AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy. After inaugurating all thedignitaries visited the forebay and pumphouse. PV Krishna Reddy, MD,MEIL has explained about the unique features of the project and in thepumphouse, salient features of motors installed. After that CM KCRSwithched on the motor.

The guests governor and Jaganmohan Reddyimpressed about the project. World’s biggest Pumphouse Package 8 atLakshmipur inaugurated by Minister Jagadiswar Reddy. Here eachmachine is 139 MW and total capacity is 973 MW.A pump operated with 40 MW capacity has released 60 Cusecs of waterthrough delivery cistern into the gravitational canal (13.5 Kms). Earlierwater traversed from pump (pressure main) through delivery main upto 1.53 Kms. Water through the gravitational canal will reach the upper partof Annaram Barrage. B.Venumadhav, Chief General Manager, MEIL, while explaining thefeatures of the pumphouse said that, “Medigadda pump house isconstructed in a way that each one unit with a capacity of 40 MWswould lift 60 Cusecs of water.  It is built 91 meters above GodavariRiver with a total water lifting capacity of 660 Cusecs. As part of thefirst phase, 11 units with a total capacity of 440 MWs would startfunctioning. This pump house is constructed in just one and a halfyear, with distinct electromechanical and civil works. Approach canalwith a capacity of 9.75 lakhs Cubic Meters, with walls of 51,000 CubicMeters have been completed. Pumphouse forebay (front area) has acapacity of 45.73 Lakhs Cubic Meters.

 MEIL has made it possible tocomplete all these works within the stipulated deadlines. It couldcomplete a total work of 77.07 lakhs Cubic Meters, including 10.56lakhs Cubic Meters works of Pressure Main and 10.50 lakhs CubicMeters for the Delivery cistern. A mega canal with a capacity of 1.50Crores Cubic Meters is also completed that would enable water toreach the upper part of Annaram Barrage from Medigadda lift point.” Under Kaleshwaram Project, lifting of water from Godavari River wouldstart from Medigadda itself. The biggest pump house in the entire world isconstructed at this place for this purpose. As part of Kaleshwaram Project,Package–8 works are taken up at Lakshmipur with 7 units having a totalcapacity of 139 MWs.  Under Package-6, there are 7 units with a totalcapacity of 124 MWs; in Package -10, there are 4 Units with a totalcapacity of  106 MWs and in Package -11,  4 Units have a total capacity of135 MWs. As the Government of Telangana is anxious to provide irrigationwater, works are completed in Medigadda, Annaram, Sundilla, Package 6and Package 8. Except Package 6, all other works are being constructedby MEIL. The prestigious Kaleshwaram Project has 82 pumping units in total,  with atotal capacity of 4627 MWs, out of which MEIL is constructing 63 units witha capacity of 3767 MWs. That itself signifies the critical role of MEIL in thisworld’s biggest project.  While pumps and motors are being supplied byelectromechanical companies like BHEL, Andriz, Jailum, entire civil worksare being taken up by MEIL.

11 Units in Medigadda, 8 in Annaram, 9 in Sundilla and 7 Units inPackage 8 are being established for this project.  These 35 units intotal to be completed by MEIL in the first phase; so far, it hascompleted works related to 26 units. Dry run (testing the motors) hasbeen already successfully completed in these units and efforts are onfor wet run (water pumping). At Medigadda, a dry run is completed in8 units and 6 units are ready for a wet run. Works are in full swing forcompletion of the remaining 5 units by 15th June, SaidB.Venumadhav.Medigadda pump house is located in Kannepalli village near Kaleshwaram.While the world-famous international lift projects like Colorado (America),Great Man-Made Wonder (Libya) and domestic projects like Handri Neeva,Kalwakurthy, AMRP, Devadula etc have taken nearly decades of time forcompletion, MEIL could complete Medigadda lift work within a short span ofone and half year.  177 lakh cubic meters of earthwork is completed withina record time of six months. Concrete works to the extent of 8.62 lakh cubicmeters have been completed in 22 months.

On average, 1310 cubic metersof concrete work is completed every day. In the same way, 39700 tonnes ofmechanical works are completed in 18 months. Significant point is thatworks of 6 units (each unit with motor, pump) have been completed just in10 months. The dry run is completed in these 6 units having the totalcapacity of 240 MWs and they are ready for a wet run.  All this is due to thesuperlative performance of MEIL in finishing the works in record-breakingtime. Approach channel works are nearing for completion. Due to somemodifications suggested by the government, these works are being re-done. Changes were also suggested in works related to Head Regulator;so far 8 out of the total 11 works have been completed and remaining 3 aregetting ready. Works related to forebay are also completed recently withsuggestive modifications. Water is transported through pipelines from pumping point to canal(delivery cistern). Already 22 pipelines, out of the planned 30 pipelines,have been established for this purpose. These pipelines would be able tolift and pump 2 TMCs of water; it is planned to lift and pump 3 TMCs ofwater with the planned 30 pipelines.

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MEIL constructs the largest lift irrigation marvel



Hyderabad, June 19, 2019: MEIL, India’s leading infrastructure company has completed the construction of the world’s biggest engineering marvel, the largest lift irrigation scheme namely the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation. It is going to be inaugurated on 21st June. Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited (MEIL) has completed on a FastTrack mode and the construction has been completed in record time. All the civil and electro-mechanical works in Medigadda to Mid-Maneru link-1 and link-2 has been completed.

Leading the industry with decades of experience, the company installing 105 Machines out of 120 machines and constructing 17 pump houses out of 20 in entire KLIP. Medigadda, Annaram, Sundilla (link 1) pumphouses along with the world’s biggest pumphouse at Lakshmipur (Pakage 8 in link 2) are ready for pumping water. This prestigious Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation (KLIP) Project would cater irrigation water to 37.08 lakh acres of land; another 18.82 lakh acres of command area will be stabilized with it.

On asking about this achievement,, Mr B Srinivas Reddy, Director, MEIL, said,” It has a privilege and lifetime opportunity to be able to bring the plan from print to reality. We have successfully engineered the world’s biggest pumping scheme in India. To achieve that, we used world-class technology involving the best agencies that have delivered quality. We at MEIL believe that quality and timely delivery of projects are the benchmarks to our success.”

“This is by far the first of its kind and the largest lift scheme in the world. The project requires 7152 MW of electricity to pump 3 TMCs of water daily. In the first phase, 4992 MWs of electricity is being used for pumping 2 TMCs of water.  MEIL has proven its strength in diverse forte – from the construction of major pump houses and power transmission infrastructure through to and civil and electro-mechanical engineering works at their best for pumping water this season,” he added.

Till date, the biggest lift schemes in the world were The Colorado lift scheme in America and the Great Manmade River in Egypt. The capacities of these schemes are in horsepower and they took over 3 decades for completion. Now, the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation project, an Indian Lift Scheme has become the world’s biggest in terms of capacities. Many other lift irrigation projects have also been completed and maintained by MEIL across India. The Pattiseema project in record-breaking time and got a place in “Limca Book of World Records” for that achievement. It also completed Handri-Neeva lift scheme in 2012 and maintaining it without any single problem ever since.


Records galore in Pump Houses

A total of 43 machines are being established for Medigadda, Annaram and Sundilla Pump Houses, each having 40 MWs capacity.  These three pump houses consume nearly 1720 MWs of electricity. The underground pump house in the package-8 will have 7 units, out of which 5 machines are ready to pump 2 TMCs of water per day. Each one of these machines is having the world’s biggest pumping machines with a capacity of 139 MWs. This underground pump house itself would consume 973 MWs of electricity. MEIL is also establishing four machines in Package -11, each with a capacity of 135 MWs. Four machines each with a capacity of 106 MW are being installed in Package -10. And another 7 machines, each with a capacity of 124 MW are in Package-6.

During 2018-19,  the amount of work completed is really a world record in terms of execution in pump houses. Nearly 177 Lakhs CuM worth of earthworks were completed for Medigadda Scheme. On average, meil completed one lakh CuM of earthwork per day.  In the same way, 8.62 Lakhs CuM of concrete work was completed in just 22 months. Completing 1310 CuM of concrete work for a lift scheme and laying 39700 tones of underground pipes in 18 months is another distinction. MEIL established 6 machines at Medigadda in just 10 months, which is the shortest time frame in the world. 

Package-8 Pumping Station: A Marvel in underground engineering

The Package-8 pumping station can lift 3 TMCs of water per day. It is constructed 330 meters below the ground and is the only one consisting of such a gigantic underground pumping station with 7 units, each having a capacity of 139 MWs.

The depth of the pumping station was calculated based on various technical and scientific parameters. The machines supplied by BHEL are developed with robust engineering and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology which helps in overcoming even complex situations.

 “The uniqueness of this pump house lies in its twin tunnels, which have been constructed side by side by excavating the earth with a diameter of 10.5 meters, each having a length of 4133 meters. Surge pool and additional surge pools of this pump house are also the biggest in the world. This is the first time such constructions have been made under the ground. One can imagine the size of the Pump House that has 330 Mts depth, 25 Mts width and 65 Mts of height,” said Mr Srinivas Reddy.

Unique Power Infrastructure

Nearly 7152 MWs of electricity is required for lifting 3 TMCs of water per day. This equals the total demand/consumption of electricity in most Indian states. MEIL completed construction of electrical infrastructure with 3057 MWs capacity that includes six 400KVand 220KV  substations, transformers and 260 kilometers of transmission lines, 7 KMs of 400 KV XLPE under Ground Cable etc.  This huge electrical infrastructure has been established for providing drinking water and irrigation purposes in the world.

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Mega power infra for KLIP



HYDERABAD, Jun3: India’s leading infrastructure company MEIL completed the construction of the largest power supply system for irrigation sector in record time. The power requirement of the prestigious Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project is 4627 megawatts out of which MEIL has taken up the power supply works for about 3057 megawatts and completed on a war footing. This tremendous achievement of executing and completing work within the time frame created a history in power infrastructure. The KLIP is the biggest and largest lift irrigation project in the world which requires maximum power equal to all
North Eastern states’ power consumption and more than that of the consumption of many states.

Mr.Pravin Sharad Dixit, Vice President, Power, MEIL stated that “The KLIP power infrastructure includes six 400KV and 220KV substations, 7 KMs of 400 KV XLPE under Ground Cable and 260 kilometres transmission lines established within two years of time. This is another record in the country for completion of power substations and transmission in the shortest period. MEIL has established the substations for all packages except package 6, 12 and 14. The company established substations to serve 43 pump houses in Medigadda, Annaram, Sundilla, Package 8, 10, 11. The works began with Ramadugu Substation in 2017 and completed all the substation works by May 2019.” Equal to the consumption of NE states The power requirement for KLIP is highest among all the lift irrigation projects in the world and equal to the consumption of many Indian states. Telangana state’s total power consumption is about 15,087 megawatts and KLIP will consume over 25 per cent of this. Against the infrastructure requirement for 4627.24 megawatts of power to the KLIP, MEIL has taken constructed the infrastructure to supply 3057 megawatts of power. The states of Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand consume 3428 and 3356 megawatts of power respectively.

This power requirement is equal to that of Himachal Pradesh and Bihar. This infrastructure is also equal to the whole of North-Eastern states’ power infra of 3916 megawatts. Similarly, Greater Hyderabad requires 3000 megawatts of power in summer which is lesser than that of KLIP power requirement. Power to Biggest underground pumping station The world’s biggest underground pumping station, KLIP’s Package is built by MEIL with extraordinary standards. In this pump house, there are seven motors with a capacity of 139 megawatts- the highest capacity in the world called Bahubali Motors. MEIL established a substation with a capacity of 400/13.8/11 KV at Ramadugu to supply power to these biggest motors in the world. MEIL also
established 18 kilometre 400KV QMDC transmission lines. This transmission line works were executed within a year’s time and were charged on May 6th this year. MEIL laying 7 KMs of 400 KV XLPE under Ground Cables said Mr.Pravin Sharad
Dixit, Vice President, Power, MEIL. The 400/220/11 KV Sundilla substation which supplies power to 9 units of 360 megawatts capacity in Sundilla pump house was completed much before schedule. From this mega substation, power will be supplied to 220KV Annaram, 220KV Sundilla substations. The Sundilla substation works began in July 2017 and were completed by July 18, 2018.

MEIL established 220KV substation at Annaram and 28-kilometre TMDC transmission line to supply power to Annaram pump house which includes 8 units with 320 megawatts capacity. The 220 KV Medigadda substation works and 80- kilometre TMDC transmission line works were completed in record time. These works commenced in April 2017 and were completed in record time by September 2018. The 400/11 KV Tippapur station is established to supply power to 4 units of 425 megawatts capacity in Package 10. MEIL also completed the transmission line works of the 46.115-kilometre line from Ramadugu substation and 19.096- kilometre QMDC line from Chandulapur. These substation works were begun in November 2017 and completed by April 29th 2019. The 400/13.8/11 KV substation at Chandulapur is aimed at supplying the power to the four units with a capacity of 542 megawatts in Package 11 Ranganayakasagar pump house in Siddipet district. The 54.18 kilometres transmission line from Bhoopalapally KTPC to Chandulapur substation via Gajwel substation works were also completed in record time by MEIL. The work began in May 2017 and was completed and charged on May 6th 2019.

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