Benifits of Drinking “Hot water” early in the morning

Benifits of Drinking Hot water early in the morning

Generally people after waking up from bed, after brushing have Tea, Or coffee.Some will have direct bed coffee or tea.Where as some don’t even drink water with out brushing.But many say having water with empty stomach is good in many ways.However adding a word to this gives many benefits to our human body and that is drinking “Hot water” early in the morning with empty stomach.Here are list of Benefits and dear viewers definitely try this.

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1.Digestive problems will not reach you, if you make habit of drinking hot water early in the morning.

2.You also loose weight and blood circulation will get active.

3.Body parts will be active and infection diseases will not effect you.

4. Un necessary cholesterol will get melted and you will gain fat free body.

5.You will stay fit as this makes body parts active as well.

6.effective results can be gained by adding lemon and honey to hot water.

7.You can get rid of cough and cold like infections.




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