Oh..its really very very boring to see the regular type of brownish colored folders.From years we are seeing the same type of folders with out any change.Some one who are bored of seeing this regular folders will change the Icon of the Folder.But some times just changing of the folder icon many not satisfy you desire of looking at Computer folders differently.Normally,if we want to separate things we will follow different methods,at the same time for important points in a book we mark them with red or green,for normal points we will use blue.Similarly just think how it will be using different colors to different folders.Just assume distinguishing your folders with  different colors according to the data in it.If you know how to do this no issues and it’s all happy.But,if you are not familiar in changing the color of computer folders,don’t worry we are going to that and there is no hidden math in it,and its very simple as eating potato chips in your hands.

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How change the color of folder in your computer/PC

Using this you can separate your numerous number of files with different colored folders.So,that you can identify your data very easily.Now,coming to our point How change the color of folder in your computer/PC, you just need to download simple software to your computer.You can click here to download it here. This software is available in two version one is Free and One is purchased.I think for normal usage no difference between the two.So,just download and install this software.After installation no need of restarting your computer if you wish you can do that.

How can i change my folder Color with this FolderIco Software

Don’t be hurried i was coming to that point to say how to do this.Just do the following steps

    1. Just Right click on any of you computer folder or you can create a new folder and just do a right click on it.
    2. Now,in the list you get you will see a new option called FolderIco which is as to put color to folder