Now,a days every one has Facebook account and some of them who are having Facebook account also maintains Facebook pages.There are many reasons for maintaining a Facebook page.That may personal interest,that may be prestigious to have Lakhs of like on their page and that may be a their personal issue.But,think what if you earn money from that Facebook page.I think it sounds good,am i right.Just be serious a moment and its true we can earn money from Facebook page if we plan it correctly. If plan correctly you too can earn money from Facebook as we earn from the Facebook It self.So, This is End of the talks and lets see how we can earn with Facebook.

How to Earn Money with Facebook Page

The following are the ways how we can earn money from Facebook,though the ways of earnings are not direct approach but sure you can earn from Facebook.Just remember that easy money is never possible from any source and don’t believe in thinks saying,”with a hour of work you can get 100 dollars a day”. It takes time and your hard work to earn something.Don’t worry by seeing at the steps,each and every step will be explained in detail.

  1. By Sharing your affiliate marketing links
  2. By creating a blog and promoting it using your page
  3. Selling/leasing your Facebook page(Leasing may sound odd but it will be explained)
  4. Selling Ads of local marketers
  5. Promoting other bloggers on your page so that you will get revenue share.

Alright,is this OK and are you clear till now,i think it will be a yes from you and i will proceed to the next step of our post.This next steps will explain you in detail of the above steps.It may be tough thing to read huge content at one place and you will be bored for reading pages of content,so we will learn in step by step process about this…So,lets bigin