dark mode in youtube

Hi hello every one welcome to my new blog post here.We regularly watch you tube videos and many time we may feel that why you tube was such bright to see with white flashy color….and at night while watching videos it was hard to face the bright light.In such situation you blame you tube why you haven’t give a night mode or any different color.But, from now friends we no need to blame You tube for not providing that option.It was testing its new option.But,in the mean while if you want to use this option just follow my steps.

Step No 1: Open your chrome Browser and open YouTube.com.

Step No 2 : Right click your mouse and in the option click on inspect element or just press ctrl+Shift+I together to open developer mode.

Step No 3 : In the list of option click on Console tab.

Step No 4 : Now paste the following code in console area.

CODE: document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE”

Step No 5 : No press enter and then close the Developer Mode.

Step No 6 : Now just Refresh you window and in the top right Corner of you tube window I.e just beside the SIGN IN button you will see a new button with three vertical dots just click on that.

Step No 7: On click of the button you will see list of option there click on Dark mode

Step No 8: In that enable the mode just swiping the button to on position.

That’s it your will see a new look of you tube with dark mode