Childhood Games Played in Rural India

Most of us have enjoyed our child hood with our school friends and house side friends.When we are children we have played many games.Now,we forgetĀ all these things and enjoying our city lives with no,lets remember some of our child hood games that we played with friends.After seeing each picture just go back and thing about your child hood days and try to recall them.Try to remember the game you have played with your friends and how you enjoyed.

1.Kothi komachi

When you are in picnic or when you went to park if you find many trees you might have played this game. Climbing tress like monkeys andĀ getting down jumping by holding tree branches all makes so fun..some of your friends might have injured in these games.This is risk and funny game.Try to recall those monkey days


This may be the girl game but every one plays it in schools ground.When you have sports period you all run into ground and forms groups to play this game.Some times you may have played this game with your crush also.How fun it was enjoying this game when your girl playing this game and encouraging her.Why don’t you try to close your eyes to recall your first crush who was playing this sweet it will be to recall your first girl or your first crush.


When it was full busy with rain or something else or you are at home just with your cousins and elders or when your mom or dad orders to sit at home..this is our child hood first choice to time pass at home.Playing this game with cousins and killing their Stones is so funny..Ha..getting those back..

4.Karra-Billa or Gilli- Danda

There is so fun in making the sticks than playing the game.Craving the playing sticks from raw wood or bamboo with friends is so fun filled and very interesting think.Ho..those are never forgettable moments playing this game.


We can’t the spiciness of this game.Every one might have played this game in their life at once.No word to speak about his game.Just remember the fight with you opponent and how funny it was to play the game..and enjoy the the moments of this spicy game.




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