google voice access

A wish of controlling mobile with voice commands is growing among the people.To full fill the wish techies are working hard.Apple developed its voice assistant SIRI, Microsoft developed its voice assistant Cortana. Most of the people who are using android mobiles have some Discontent with android software.Though very powerful games and apps can be run on android,not having voice assistant had become a biggest drawback with android.So,to fill this gap google engineers are developing a age voice assistant for android named as VOICE ACCESS.Which will allow you to control your android mobile with voice commands.Actually Google Voice access app is still under development,but Google Voice access beta version is available in Play store for tech geeks who wish to try the apps.If you want help google in developing voice access app more effectively and more accurately you can download beta version from google store.You can report bugs and error in this app so,that you will a part in the app development.

Were Voice access app will be useful 

This app is vastly useful in many hard situation were you cant touch your mobile.So,here the some situation were you will feel the benefits of this app…

  1. When you are in driving in traffic it will be hard to touch your phone,though it was in front of you.In such situations you can call to any one or you can play the music you like or any thing you like to do on mobile,that too with out using your hands.
  2. If your hands are oily after eating some pizza or some KFC chicken there your touch can’t perform well so you can use Voice access app to control your phone which is on the table
  3. If some is is physically impaired this app is very useful to control mobile.
  4. If you want to send a lengthy text message to your friend its very hard to type so you can just use voice to compose and send the message with out using your finger tips.

So,there are many situations were you will wish to control your mobile with voice.In that particular situations Google Voice Access app will come to you in handy for your,now lets see how to download this app from google play store and install it on your android device.

How to Download and install Google Voice access app/apk

Note: Google Voice access app is still in Beta version and may not be stable on device(Don’t worry it won’t harm you device),if you want try it and test it like techie you can download it from the play store.Here the Little things you need to do..

First open the play store and search for the app by typing voice access,in the list you will get many apps but choose the app which is from Google inc…and you will see a message this app was still a beta version.Just download and install it with out any worries..

google voice access

Now,just open the app and do some settings on you phone.That setting has to be done by going to Google Settings—>Search & Now –>Voice –> OK Google Detection and turn on From Any Screen option.Then you will get a training screen were this app will train you on topics,How to use the app by asking say Ok google for about three times and that’s it you will be trained by google how to use the app.It will show you a small tutorial on using this app.

ok google voice access

The tutorial screen is as following and it very easy to enhance your skill on controlling with voice.

tutorial-screen google voice access

You don’t think this is just an ordinary app,this app has number of commands and works in a intelligent.It learns new things from you frequent usage and how you use the mobile.It responds very quickly and accurately when time goes.Go why don’t you have a try on using this app.Because its really good and very soon google will implement new improvements by the time it comes into production.In the mean you can try it…




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