Our computer keyboard has many keys on it,most of us don’t use all the keys which are on the keyboard.Mostly we use alphabets,numerical and some special symbol keys only.When you composing something very seriously on your keyboard and by mistake if you press delete key then boom every thing is gone.In such situation and in some special cases we wish to disable some keys on our key board.So,i was going to show how to disable the keys on your PC/Computer keyboard.

How to Disable Specific Keys on PC/Computer Keyboard

I don’t want put more discussion here.The process is very straight away and very simple.Just by downloading a simple software you can disable specific keys on PC/Computer keyboard.

The process :

  1. Just Download a software called Simple disable key Link>>click
  2. Now launch the application by the way its a free app
  3. Select the field labeled key in the menu.
  4. Now just hit the key on keyboard which you want to disable
  5. Now click on add key option
  6. Now,you can set specific program,specific time or always to disable the key
  7. That’s it you are done Just hit OK.
  8. If you want to Re enable all the key just click on Tools option and Click Enable all keys nad that’s it all the keys will start working automatically.

Note: Don’t tweak your friends by disabling specific keys on his/her system.