chandrababu naidu claim over economic growth and development vision pronunced by governor ESL narasimhan inaugural of the budjet session of the AP assembly, y s jagan described the claims as pack of lies and distrtion of facts.

The governer start his speech and telling my state has recorded growth rate of 10.99% in the finacial year 2015-2016, the only state in the country to record double digit growth. then jagan began his speech and compaared to the other state growth rates and explains clearly. this is worst growt rate in all over states.
Then evryone will shock and no one can give any explanation. even also chndrababu naidu can not open his mouth.

Mainly media was did not write to relating this topic,this is mindblowing sesation in the social media. but only thing is HANS INDIA can write the news about jagan spoke economic growth in india
bcoz jagan is only person to speak facts in the economic growth