A man’s excitement For owning “Porsche” lasted just 10 minutes, Police seized car

A man’s excitement For owning Porsche lasted just 10 minutes, Police seized car

Many men dream about having a Luxury car in their life time.Many start savings for owing a car like Lamborghini and Porsche ETC. If once they meet up their dreams that moment can’t be explained in words or sentences.They just start having rides and making moments with car.Followed by fun with family and friends.But this is making may to face troubled here is instance and getting into details.

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37-year-old man from Melbourne, Australia won his new Porsche car and in excitement he made his way for 1st ride in Albert Park in Melbourne.He also took a video on his mobile phone to remember his first ride in a new car. The police stopped his car while traveling on the Grand Pre Circuit Road.as he was driving his car with over speed of 100KMPH .He requested police to excuse him considering this as his 1st mistake.But police took and seized his car for a month.His post in Social media is going Viral.




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