MI Smart Tv magic: Out Of Stock With in Minutes

MI Smart Tv magic Out Of Stock With in Minutes

MI TV held its big sale of official site on 13th march.This also made a big announcement in Flip Kart.People went crazy about this.Sale was from 12’0clock in noon.People are ready with their mobiles to log in into web site.Some are even waiting from hours before sale to purchase a smart TV.Mean while Time is 12 and people got urged and finally got logged into website.

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Matter is that people who got logged into website with in minutes saw Out of Stock message.with this Citizens are on fire saying how is this possible?? are you selling 5 or 10 TV’ is public question to company.Mi Tv is selling 32,43,55 Inches Smart Tv’s with 13,999 and 22,999 rupees respectively.as this is far better price people are very interested in purchasing them But finally this has not worked out.MI due to huge response, again arranged sale on 16th march at 12 in noon




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