Much Shocking This couple got married in Morning, became parents in evening: Happy tears for groom

Much Shocking!!This couple got married in Morning, became parents in evening Happy tears for groom

Youth in this days especially girls are getting engaged with multiple boys before marriage, finally getting married to one and leading their life here after is very common.Some cases are like,Boy and girl get in contact physically and then give birth to baby before marriage, If every thing is okay they are getting married else that’s up to them.But this is a different real story and here are details.

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It is a village in Jargon district in Uttar Pradesh.A man of that village got married to women of same village and by evening they became parents.Matter here is this couple got engaged years before and marriage is being postponed since then.this couple met personally in mean while and gave birth to baby on day of marriage.Any how this parents video is going viral on internet




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