The Deccani Biryani Makers Associations sought Geographical Indication (GI) Tag for the world-famous Hyderabad Biryani. It, however, lost the 9-year-long battle after failing to provide necessary proofs.

In April 2009, The Deccani Biryani Makers Associations applied for GI Tag for ‘Hyderabadi Katchi Gosht Biryani’. Details about the process of preparation of the traditional Hyderabad Biryani were submitted to GI Registry with photographs. However, None of the representatives of the applicant appeared before GI Registry on January 23rd this year for the showcause hearing. No reply was given to the queries raised by the GI Officials either.

Geographical Indication Registry based in Chennai refused GI Tag for Hyderabad Biryani citing that the applicant failed to prove its historical origin with documented evidence. Now, The Applicant can appeal to the Intellectual Property Appellate Board in Chennai within 3 months for obtaining GI Tag.

Zubair Ahmed who is the Secretary of the Deccani Biryani Makers Associations questioned, ‘When Hyderabad Haleem received GI Tag, why not Hyderabad Biryani? What historical evidence does they require? Should we show them Nizam eating biryani? Hopefully, We won’t lose the tag to Lucknow which is competing for the same’.