She is not married.Yet she is mother for Two children:An emotional and inspiring story

She is not married..Yet she is mother for Two childrenAn emotional and inspiring story

Komal is a young doctor.She once on Sunday got an emergency call and attended a Delivery.A mother at moment gave birth to twin Daughters.But she is not willing to carry her two daughters to home as she already has daughters.So komal adopted them in her teen age. Komal named them “Ryth & Rythm” After she faced many hurdles with out family support.Finally komal was transferred to “Himachal pradesh” along with her daughters.

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Komal In H.P got into relation with Rahul. finally after several conditions got married to rahul but never left Ryth and rhythm. She along with them stepped into in-laws home. Rahul also continued his life journey with her daughters.Any how, Her in-law’s pressure is on her to get consieve. but komal is not accepting for that.What a inspiring and emotional story of twins and komal.




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