Plane crash at Kathmandu: 49 died, 22 injured.

Plane crash at Kathmandu 49 died, 22 injured


Flight BS 211, owned Bangladeshi carrier flying From Dhaka, Bangladesh to Nepal,Kathmandu got crashed and burst into flames while landing at Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan Airport in Nepal on Monday. At least 49 were killed and 22 were injured in this plane crash.All the mistake was credited to Pilot as he landed flight violating directions of Air traffic Authorities.

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The passengers were mainly Nepalese and Bangladeshi with one from China and one from the Maldives said Raj Kumar Chhetri airport general manager.he also added The plane had permission to land from the southern side of the runway but they instead landed from the northern side. Plane has got skidded on runway and slides into fields nearby and burst into flames.Forty bodies were recovered nine died in hospital and 22 survivors are receiving treatment in hospital according to sources information.This is the huge plane accident in Nepal from past 25 years.




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