A 23-year-old man from West Godavari hacked the Facebook account of a SHE Team sub-inspector and used the account to get the phone numbers, photographs and other details of several women.

The suspect, Uppuluri Mani Ratnam, who is a Class X drop out, also collected phone numbers of women using the Truecaller app, and created a Whatsapp group only to post obscene content. The suspect also harassed women by ‘sexting’ to them. CCS Hyderabad police arrested Ratnam on Friday.

The investigating officers say that the suspect, Mani Ratnam, a resident of Nandamuru village, Kovvur Mandal, had collected phone numbers of more than 30 women by dialling random numbers and verifying them via Truecaller.

“He then created a Whatsapp group named ‘Romantic thoughts sharing’ and added all the numbers of those women. Then he started posting obscene content in the group. He also started messaging the women individually and harassed them,” said Inspector Chand Basha from the CCS.

“One of the victims approached Nalgonda She Team police and lodged a complaint. Sub-Inspector M. Shobhan Babu tried to call Ratnam from his personal number. Using Truecaller, the suspect came to know that it was a police officer calling. He then started challenging the police officer too,” said Inspector Chand Basha.

The suspect then went on to hack the Facebook account of the SI. “He searched the cop’s Facebook account and found his gmail ID. He entered the Gmail ID and then put the SI’s phone number as password. Since the cop was using his own phone number as the password, the suspect could log in to the Facebook account,” the official said.

Using the SI’s Facebook account, Mani Ratnam added several more women and chatted with them pretending to be the cop. He also took their phone numbers and photographs. Police was baffled to find that the Class X drop out, who is now a farmer, learned all these tricks by trial and error with his smart phone.