Want to read Whats App messages secretly? here are tips to follow

Want to read Whats App messages secretly here are tips to follow

Generally there is no introduction about whats app so here directly getting into point, Starting from sending message to reading status every thing is simply traced in whats app by sender.A single tick represents sent message, Double grey tick delivery status and blue tick as read message.But some one desires to read message but that should not be known to sender.Till now many are not aware how to do this. and here are tips to follow.

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1.When a text message arrives on Whats App,switch on the aeroplane mode.

2.Once offline, open the Whats App chat and read the message.

3.After reading close the app from multi-window so it doesn’t stay open in the background.

4.After closing the app completely, switch off the aeroplane mode again.

This is how we can read whats app messages secretly with out knowing to sender.make sure to close app completely from multiple windows also




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