You can’t “Block” FB CEO mark zukerberg on facebook… do you want to know the reaon..?

You can't

Social media gaint facebook is embedded with many facilities to its users like chatting,News feed,video calling and so so stuff.This also has an advantage of blocking to protect your account from spam people.This might be a small issue but remain this, there are even cases many life’s are affected due to facebook.So facebook came forward with block option.

With this option you can block more than on profile as your wish but you can’t block mark zukerberg CEO of face book,as he is founder of facebook many tried of blocking him.
As a single profile is blocked by many users facebook according to its algorithm stop doing this and hence FB CEO can’t be blocked.

A man “Chung Kai Lim” already tried many times to block mark.But a message ” YOU can’t block this profile” is poping up.Explaining this facebook gave clarity that mark zukerberg can’t be blocked by users of face book .Any how don’t try to block him…